If you have a house, you have a wonderful view.

If you love life, like poetry and distance.

If you enjoy talking with friends from all corners of the world,

Enjoy sharing the beauty, food, and beauty,

Have you thought about owning a homestay,

Take all the good things in one go, like us?

If so, you can contact us to join Shanshuijian.

Tel: 400 1533 599

Address: Room 101, Building 10, Huangshan Grand View, Tunxi District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province

{ Branded Advantages }

Shanshui Member Sharing / Brand Marketing Resources Sharing / B & B Selected Brand Collection

{ Professional Advantages }

Project location planning and design / B & B management operations / Professional training

{ Our honor }

★ 2017 China Top Ten Influential Homestay Crystals

★ 2017 Jingjing B & B Most Investment Value Award

★ 2018 Annual Brand Value Award