Dear guest:

You are welcome to stay in the Shanshui Room, you can follow our public account

【山水间微酒店】Get a more detailed introduction to the room.

Q1:How to check the availability and reservation?

A1 Check the room status: Pay attention to our public number, click "room reservation" to enter the reservation page.

Reservation method: After checking the room status in the public account, if you have a room, you can make a reservation. After the reservation is successful, you will receive our confirmation message.

Q2:Booked a room, who can I call if I have any questions?

A2 Feel free to contact the front desk butler WeChat / phone.

①ShanShui Inn:13399592865

②Shanshui Boutique Hotel:15905595858

③Huangshan Seeing Inside Hostel:13955991168

④Shanshuijian Zuilitou Boutique Hostel Hotel:18705667999

⑤Shanshuijian Suzai Shanjian Boutique Hostel:18072316133

⑥Shanshuijian Youjianfuyu:13376042157

⑦Shanshuijian Yagufenglin Boutique Hostel:18906529078

⑧Huazhu Bujianshan Boutique Hostel:13305597661

⑨Ming Quan Boutique Hostel:18805599168

⑩Heiduo Baishao Boutique Hostel:18155907558

Q3:How to solve meals?

A3 Breakfast: We will provide free breakfast for each room according to the room type you stay in. Please inform us when you check in. (Hotel breakfast time is 7: 30-9: 00AM) If you need additional breakfast, we will charge per breakfast.

Q4:Is there a shuttle service?

A4 If there is a need, the housekeeper can help the driver to pick up and drop off. The specific charge is settled with the master. The drive from the surrounding station / airport to the store is about half an hour. (Refer to the bottom: a guide for cars between mountains and rivers)

Q5:What is the WIFi password?

A5 We offer free wifi.

①ShanShui Inn、Huangshan Seeing Inside Hostel、Shanshui Boutique Hotel: (ssj88888) ;

②Shanshuijian Suzai Shanjian Boutique Hostel、Shanshuijian Youjianfuyu Boutique Hostel Hotel、 Shanshuijian Zuilitou Boutique Hostel Hote:(66668888);

③Heiduo Baishao Boutique Hostel:hdbs88888

④Huazhu Bujianshan Boutique Hostel:bjs888888

⑤Ming Quan Boutique Hostel:mq888888

⑥Shanshuijian Yagufenglin Boutique Hostel:Direct connection to stores

Q6:How to get there?

A6 Please refer to [Route Guide].

Q7:Is there a limit to the number of people staying?

A7 To ensure your stay, we recommend a maximum of two adults and one child under 1.2 in each room. If an extra bed is needed, we will charge an extra fee of RMB 180 per person.

Q8:Drinking water in the room?

A8 Our kettle switch is on the lower part of the handle, and the room also contains complimentary mineral water.

Q9:Relevant notes after check-in?

A9 ① Deposit: We do not require a deposit upon check-in. When checking out, please keep the room items intact and smoke-free;

② Open the door: there is access control in the guest room area, and you need to swipe your room card to enter the room.

③ Bedding: Bedding and supplies change for each guest. (Defined according to the number of people in the room);

④ If you order takeaway meals, do not place any liquid garbage in the room or on the floor of the walkway. (Note: The old and new rooms are not edible for takeout, but can be used in the restaurant on the first floor)

Q10:Can I bring pets?

A10 Sorry, no pets are allowed, we also like small animals, but there are too many uncontrollable factors. If you are bringing pets, we recommend that you stay in a pet store nearby.

Q11:Is smoking allowed indoors?

A11 To ensure the health and safety of you and other guests, smoking is prohibited indoors, and if needed, you can move to the outdoor or balcony area.