Shanshui boutique hotel-My heart is my hometown.

Shanshui boutique hotel, a micro hotel chain brand. There are existing Huangshan Mountains and Rivers Micro Hotel, Huangshan Mountains and Rivers, the old and new, the Huangshan Mountains and Rivers not seen in the mountains, the Chizhou Mountains and Rivers, Zuilitou, the Jinhua Mountains and Rivers in the mountains, the Zhenjiang Mountains and Rivers and the Fuyu, and the Japanese Mountains and Rivers. Pursue the concept of all the way from landscape to landscape.

Shanshui boutique hotel is located in an ancient lakeside village on the banks of the Xin'an River.

It is said that Huizhou is a white-walled green tile, and Huizhou in the mountains and rivers seems to be dotted with ink, and is dotted with mountains in the spring rivers and lakes, complemented by the house's warm Pavilion, tea fragrance, and people's language. A warm and calm Huizhou culture. So here, Shanshui boutique hotel has always strived to create a "no trouble" home in my hometown, it is by no means a coincidence of stubbornness and public opinion.

The Songzan Hotel in Yunnan connects the ancient tea-horse road, while the “mountain and river” in Jiangnan has created one hotel after another that is not as comfortable as a hotel. In the past three years, the founder Chen Xi used the concept of “no troubles” to create a hotel with the quality and service of a boutique hotel, and the warmth and comfort of a homestay like a home.

Many projects in the mountains and rivers are in Huangshan. Starting from the micro hotel, the mountains and rivers begin and start here. It has four distinct seasons and the 24 solar terms listed by the Chinese can be fully felt here. Without seeing the mountain, it is the ideal old house in the hometown of the founder Chen Xi.

Where the mountains are not seen, in the depths of Liyang Old Street is the love of the mountains and the mountains. Geometric glass building wraps a 300-year-old Huizhou old house, where the old and the new are in harmony. The combination of new and old is the taste of modern Huizhou.

Excluding Huangshan Mountain, the mountains and rivers extend Huizhou between rivers and mountains further afield. In the mountains and waters, Chizhou is drunk, Jinhuasu is in the mountains, and Zhenjiang sees the floating jade again. If there is a good place, the scenery is good, and the design is no longer the main character.

It is simply "landscape", it is full of charm.