We and you grew up together

We and you grew up together

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  The spring breeze sends winter, and the shoots are sprouting outside the window, which is a few centimeters taller than before, and the children who left the laughter and laughter here have grown from a small point to a little talk about everything. Coming in spring, we received the imprint of the children's growth, and we also found the secrets of the new year and the new year, just like the green trees on the street corner and the bamboo horses on the street watching each other and growing up.

  This time, we interviewed Xiao Xiaofei's mother, dessert master Daxing, Weibo @ 阿福 BakeryFull, who is the head of a dessert cafe.

  During the interview, we unexpectedly learned something interesting about Daxing's family and Xixin Lianyi: For example, because of curiosity, they have quietly watched the past when the Xinxin Lian was under construction, and a day before the due date with friends in Xinxin Lian The old heartbeat memory, the child is 100 days old, and he loves the old family portrait. When he is thirty, he will have a happy birthday ...

  The envy of Daxing is her attitude and way of life. While enjoying daily life, while maintaining the passion and curiosity for life, travel, diving, photography, guitar, biology are all components of its rich self.

  Let's follow in the footsteps of Daxing and unlock a new pose of happy life ~

  Q Hello, can you briefly introduce yourself?

  A Don't be so polite, just call me a star. Like Yihan, I belong to a typical Aquarius. Sometimes I feel that my personality is similar to that of her. I do n’t care much about social activities and I do n’t care much. As long as the bottom line is not involved, everything else is OK.

  There is no anxiety, so the state of life and the state of bringing children are very relaxed, like adventure and challenge, but they are more detailed about their work requirements, after all, they can be considered as members of the service industry.

  Q We know that Daxing is a dessert chef. What is the original intention of making desserts?

  A  It is a relatively demanding food, and by chance, a friend bought an oven and put it in my house, saying that I can also make things, I used it first, and then suddenly opened a new world, first shared to the people around People, the evaluation is very good, probably opened in a few months, now the store has been eight years.

  Q What other hobbies do you have besides work?

  A Traveling, diving, photography, guitar, biology interests a lot, just not very proficient. At the same time, I like to study the characteristics of different animals and plants. I think it is a very magical subject. I regret that I did not study biology at university. The owl is the mascot of our family, and our family likes it very much haha.

  Q I just baidued the owl silently, saying that it is a lucky bird, which represents auspicious happiness. "Afu BakeryFull" also comes from this?

  A A Fu is my former pet, the name of a border animal husbandry. She later died of dog fever, so she used her name when opening the store.

  As for the owl, first of all because my husband and I are both Harry Potter fans and they really like owls. Then we picked up an owl with wounded wings before we met. One day after raising, the owl was waiting. As he went home, the owl called from the balcony after he went home, as if he had to bid farewell to him before he flew away.

  So I felt more related to the owl. When we were pregnant, we went to Bencheng and bought three owls of different sizes, representing our family of three.

 Q Suddenly interested in the process of falling in love with your husband, can you share it?

 A We are friends on Weibo. He is also a guest in my shop. Just adding dessert to WeChat, it was an online dating bar, and then he made an appointment, followed the outdoor team to explore the cave, an underground cave, because it was dangerous to have a sudden rain, he was able to save me. When we came out, we decided to be together.

  Q I really want to know which moment in the process of love made you want to spend the rest of your life with your husband?

  A It was when he carried me out of the cave like the movie "The Abyss", 2015.8.17.

  At that time, it was really thrilling. The torrent flooded outside. The last exit of the cave was only half a person tall, and the water rose to only 20cm. Sometimes, in order to avoid stalactites, the entire head was buried in the water ... … Finally he dragged me out of the cave. After that, it felt like we had experienced life and death together.

  Q We saw your two family portraits in the old and new shoots. They are warm and happy. When were these two sets of photos left?

  A When the baby was a hundred days old and two years and four months old.

  The day before the due date, the photographer who helped us take this group of photos, that is, the child ’s godmother, lived in this room. She also asked me to live with her. I was afraid that I would have children in the middle of the night. After playing for a while, I went home. At that time, I thought it was good to take pictures here, so I decided to make a group in 100 days.

Q How has your child changed your life?

  A Growing up with her, learning to look at the world from a child's perspective and thinking, and want to learn about psychology and the child's growth psychology.

  In the process, I also found that my mind is more stable and open, and many things can be understood with a more forgiving mindset. In life, although I can no longer go like I said before, just go out and travel smartly for a month. I will leave more time for my children, but I still enjoy this kind of "unfreedom".

  Q How do you keep the freshness of love while enjoying the fullness of "not free"?

  A Maybe we did n’t bother to talk about how to keep love fresh. In addition to being very suitable for each other's personality, I think he is not only a husband to me, but also a friend, a caregiver and a helper at work , Is also a mentor, is a playmate, that is, a lot of complex identities together, there are multiple roles at the same time, which may also be part of keeping freshness.

  Q Sure enough, regret will make the relationship longer, and let us describe the hotel in your mind.

  When I was in love with my husband, I went to play in Lane. At that time, the old and new love was still an empty building with a strange shape. When I think about what it looks like at the time, it is quite interesting.

  Now that I have a baby, I have grown up from a hundred days into a small talk like this. It is a very special experience and memory for the family to come out together and take pictures in the old and new. It can also enhance the family's feelings.

  For me, new love, old love is a place where people can completely calm down and enjoy this relaxed state. The swimming pool in summer, the floor heating in winter, the combination of indoor Zen and modern, the attitude and service of the housekeeper are very natural.

  In the eyes of Daxing, life seems to have a natural beauty. I hope that everyone's daily composition can be devoted, enjoyed, and contributed to a painting, a poem, a song. And the mountains and rivers will always be with you.

  * The pictures in this article are provided by Daxing.

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