Through the small world under the rain, I know what spring is

Through the small world under the rain, I know what spring is

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  Farewell to the sunny days, Huizhou began to rain again sentimentally. It was easy to escape the wandering sun day, and in accordance with the convention, it was raining in the Qingming season. Now it is the rainy season in Jiangnan, and the wind and rain are non-stop.

  In the rainy days this week, we set off from the small world that loves the new and the old, walking leisurely through the rain alley and standing in front of the door that can't see the mountain, and looking forward to the summer with the housekeeper Bi Bicai.

  The rain gradually increased from small to large, and fell on the blue swimming pool in the old courtyard of Xinxinlian. Every drop of rain can swing a small circle of water, which is cute and cute.

  Until the rain fell, the pool surface was splashed with white water splashes, like the soda white flowers that had not stopped after the bottle was shaken violently.

  After walking across the pool, the coin grass around the corner showed a plump green color, like a green-eyed cat's eye, and it was charming. The raindrops were round and round on the leaf petals, and then the small beads were connected into large beads and rolled down smartly.

  The slab path was washed away by rain, soothing and low-transparent. Take the whole path and look back, look low, low, pleasant, low.

  On the other side of the window, the eldest sister was sweeping the floor and looking through the mist of the window scene, she actually gave birth to a gentle breath of life.

  The tiny creatures between the grass and trees grow together with this vigorous greenery, and the light is not very visible, and the naked eye used to struggle.

  But suddenly, some life insights are derived: even if we live in the dark, it lives extra hard. How can our daily lives be so hard?

  In the corner near the restaurant, there is a white owl that is opening. The flowers were close to the ground, so I didn't see them at first, but only smelled a gentle gardenia flower fragrance.

The moss that grows with the spring is like a short woolen beard on a stone brick wall, soaked in a little water vapor, and looked closer, a miniature world unfolds in front of your eyes, full of energy.

There are two Chinese roses waiting to be put in the corner, which missed the opportune moment of the flowers. Now it is just right to come so slowly and open slowly.

This green idea can not help but make people playful, arranged a century of frogs looking for friends.

Looking, climbing, and all kinds of drama have done enough. After suffering the utmost willingness to successfully reach the summit, he found that the frog's companion, the snail, was really small and poor. He was covered by the frog, so he came to an end, and Mr. Frog did not find their snail friend.

There is still a complete Xianyan on the terrace. At this time, the weather of Tiangong's rain is obviously at its heyday, and the continuous output of crackling, even the proud blooming, has begun to bow.

Compared with the sudden and unexpected rain galloping in the love of the new love and the old, the flowering period without seeing the mountain has more freedom, and in the afternoon, I follow the housekeeper Lao Bi into an undeveloped botanical garden.

Stop and go, raindrops fell along the tip of the leaf on top of the head, a little coolness is the message of spring rain.

The other side of the botanical garden is connected to the river. If you lift your eyes, you can see the old man fishing on the river. When a gust of wind blows, the umbrella is overturned.

The corner of his mouth was a little smiley. At the moment of distracted attention, Lao Bi was already filled with a basket of spring.

Lao Bi called me to look up, you see you see.

What are you looking at? I found and looked for, what and what?

O peach, little peach! Her voice was a little leaping.

Take a closer look, sure enough! I also started to jump, just like Columbus discovered the new continent, it's so happy, isn't it?

Subconsciously began to find other small peaches, and then ... Well, the creatures in the world are all cute ...

As I walked into the mountains with this greenness, the new flowers of this week also arrived, bright and plain together blooming, peaceful and natural.

The daily flower arrangement begins every Monday in the mountains. Wash the flower, reorganize the flower branches, leave the dried flowers that look good, and pick the flower branches that are blooming or about to bloom among the withered flowers and leaves. With freshly picked plants, prepare to start this week's flower arrangement.

The glass room without a mountain isolated the cold after the rain, dedicated to the flowers and grass, and chatted with Lao Bi. The topic pointed to the deep emotions. Lao Bi paused for a moment, raised her eyes, and her ears seemed a little reddish ~

Quietly tell you, if you come now, you can harvest a whole pond contracted by Lao Bi ~