Resident Story | My Life, Just with You

Resident Story | My Life, Just with You

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  During 520, photographer RINGO provided us with a test sleep application for wedding photography. The recipient of this application was his parents.

  Pushed by the affectionate love of his children, the painting stationed in the small courtyard ushered in the "old wife and wife" who have worked together for many years.

  RINGO wrote in the application email: "I will take the long-silled white gauze skirt from the closet, and take a belated wedding photo for my parents in 'Painting in the Mountains' ... A day will only exist at the moment when the parents first met 28 years ago ... "

  Let's hear from our daughter's mouth that Xiao Que, who belongs to their family of three, is happy.

  Shanshui Jun: Can you share with us your usual mode of dealing with your parents?

  RINGO: Like everyone else, father and mother are two completely different identities for children. The mode of getting along with each other has also been changing. Maybe seven years is a watershed.

  Before the age of seven, the family was very lively. Our family was a loving father and mother. My dad was the king of children. He often played with the children in the yard. When I was n’t called "baba", I would only shout "wangwang" when I saw him. I would follow wherever I went. My dad went to shave my head and I went to shave my head.

  My mother is mainly responsible for my daily life and learning, and will tell me what is "not possible". I have always been a very well-behaved child. But for a while, I pretended to fall asleep every night when I slept, and my mother, who was very harsh during the day, quietly kissed my forehead gently and then turned off the light.

  After about seven years of age, quarrels began in the family. At that time, they didn't understand anything, and they were timid. A few years after I graduated from college, the quarrel at home gradually disappeared and became very quiet.

  After I was seven years old, I did n’t have any deep communication with my parents. After studying in a foreign country, the communication with my family was limited to three meals a day and some irrelevant routines. The home has always been quiet. I spend more and more time in the room. I do n’t know when it will start. When I encounter emotional problems, I will only have the Cold War (this is very bad).

  Shanshui Jun: What was your original intention to make you want to apply for this test sleep, and to shoot this wedding dress for your parents? What are the gains in this process?

  RINGO: When I filled out the reasons for applying for a test sleep quota, I wanted to re-face my family in this space, but when I ended this family trip one day and two nights and stood in the painting hall, there were A little change flows between the three of us, we are no longer cramped, and will face our relationship more openly. Even some ideas and ideas that have never been said are expressed in a homely way.

  We did not discuss how to solve a problem, but we achieved a certain degree of balance. This result was unexpected to me, and it also changed my thinking about how to solve things.

  We always want a perfect answer in life, similar to "a complete circle", an answer that the world agrees on, such as doing things that make us happy. Once frustrated, we start to panic and feel frustrated Normally, I even watched a caricature. It was painted that everyone was smiling. There was only one person who was not smiling, and then he was arrested by the police.

  People are gradually unable to accept things that make people unhappy. But my view now is that many things in the world exist in many forms, including affection and love, chattering is love, and silence can also be love. The key lies in how we face and reflect on it. Reality and calmness may be more important than a perfect answer.

  Shanshui Jun: In this wedding photography shoot, does it make you feel particularly beautiful? why?

  RINGO: This one should be walking out of the painting by the ten-meter river. The painting feels like a courtyard to our house. It's very comfortable. We walk out of the house, that is, the bridge and the river. Willows are around, sometimes swaying, sometimes silent, I think it's wonderful.

  We stopped and took a very old-fashioned photo next to the willows. The parents in the photo were a little bit green. They could not go back to the era when they were in love, but this photo made me quite sure to help them. The desire to make wedding photos. The willow tree in the distance and the willow tree in the distance make people miss the moment and the space.

  Shanshui Jun: Is it convenient to share with us the story of your parents' love in their youth?

  RINGO: They were secondary school students. At that time, the two of them had fallen in love earlier, because they were often ridiculed during the five-, ten-, and twenty-year reunions, and they were considered "bold". There are many younger brothers, and my hometown is far away.

  The grandfather was a teacher in the township. He disagreed with them a little bit and worried about his mother's suffering. But they were very attached together. There are many details, anyway, they dared to love and hate in that era, it was cool.

  Shanshui Jun: How do you think the patterns of relationships and love between parents feed back into your current life?

  RINGO: Regarding love, in fact, like my generation, I often mentioned that the pursuit is to maintain the independence of their personalities, attract each other, and make progress together.

  But I do n’t like to listen to this sentence, because I have seen many people use this sentence as an excuse for not being responsible and becoming a self-fascination and avoiding problems; more importantly, I think love should not be a logical thing , It should contain a bit of classical romance, it needs a little heartbeat. It may sometimes be more towards a primitive instinct.

  The love of the parents' generation will be much purer, and the desire is not so complicated. There are not so many considerations, it will not be so easy to start, and it will not be so easy to end. In the past six months, my dad has been with my mother, which is also love.

  Love is not the same as the concept of love. The concept of love is attitude. Love is a thing. We have to take it seriously. The idea of taking a wedding photo started very early, but in fact it was not just my wish to put it on the agenda and implement it. My mother also yearned for this wedding photo in the past six months. This is also part of love. So why do we take photos, I think the images have a very ancient meaning and this meaning will always exist.

  Shanshui Jun: We know that every family has its own unique charm. Are there any classic moments between you and your parents that are worthy of being profound?

  RINGO: Because my mother is sick, all the details of her recovery are touched now. For example, she had been very weak and had been lying down just after the operation. I returned home one day, I changed my shoes and looked up to see my mother sitting on the sofa in the living room and smiled at me, and then came back. I was surprised at that moment, and then a warm current came to my heart.

  And when I was painting, my mother leaned against the glass window to take the picture. At that time, when I pressed the shutter, I looked back at the camera screen and thought that my mother next to the green leaves was beautiful in the sun. Perhaps some neglected details of life are magnified and recorded through the lens.

  Shanshui Jun: In the end, we sincerely thank you for your arrival, and the painting station is also deeply meaningful. Is there anything you want to say to Hua Zhu?

  RINGO: The mood for painting stays in the night in the grass house in the courtyard. We walked back and made us a teapot of black tea, and we went to pick the tadpoles next door during the day, my parents and I Sitting in the grass, drinking hot tea and eating crickets, riding in the evening breeze, there are not many words, just the sound of fine swallowing / the sound of peeling flesh / and some of the sounds that belong to summer nights.

  That night, such a laid-back mood, is really precious. It was a truly gentle summer night.

  Lao Shanshui Jun said: At the end of the interview, a word gradually came to mind. "We can wait patiently, happiness can come slowly, as long as it is true."

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