Huangshan Seeing Inside Hostel

 Huangshan Seeing Inside Hostel

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  The story of Huizhou is full of such different seasons of white walls and blue tiles of Huizhou architecture. In addition to the scenery and architecture, the old street always retains a past life atmosphere, which makes people in the city infatuated with it. Once they feel it, they always want to plan an escape in the tired and busy days.

  Escape from the city forest under the concrete pouring, go to the old city where the sky is high and the clouds are light and there is smoke in the sunset to find the trace of life, seize it and embrace it.

  It doesn't take much effort to find the trace. It sits on the edge of the street with the needle of the old man who holds the sole of his shoes, in the bowl of the shop which has been open for many years, in the smile of the children who run and fight on the street, and in the Huangshan Seeing Inside Hostel.

Guest Room

  The daily life here is to prepare breakfast, organize, read, drink tea, meet with friends, record, think... Full and empty all the time. Living in the daily pyrotechnic atmosphere, while overhead in the spiritual space above life. From the delicate and slow handmade beads, the natural aesthetics between flowers, and the boundless beauty of tea and water, we can enjoy life by ourselves.

DIY hand made bead string

  Recently, the Qing Dynasty palace opera has been playing in turn, from a performance of "Yanxi" to the exquisite performance of "Ruyi". All the palace masters and envoys have done their best to point out the crimson lips and the beads of glass, which are extremely beautiful. To treat this beauty seriously and solemnly is to make the beauty pure when one's wish is placed on the moment of things.

  Let it go for a while and do a meticulous manual work. It's one thing to give up something and get something. What's more, we love life so much that we gradually become self-sufficient and self-sufficient.

Flower art natural aesthetics sharing meeting

  Even if there is an autumn every year, I have seen it so many times and expressed my feelings so many times, I feel good-looking and want to praise it. In the dense atmosphere of colorful autumn, the season becomes slow, people become slow, and the temperature becomes slow.

  People in this slow, slowly familiar with, slowly alive. From natural aesthetics to life aesthetics, it is a kind way to walk into natural plants.

  In the night when the branches and leaves are flourishing, we can feel the vitality of the branches and leaves together with Shidan. All slowly, it's the idealist's paradise.

Tea ceremony collection

  Beautiful things are not recorded by memory, but by body. Body memory comes from perception, what to do now, what to do next.

  The steps of the tea ceremony may be forgotten when asked. Once you kneel at the tea table and get close to the cauldron, water, bowl and ladle, all the spring streams of that day are leaking out of the stone gap, the beauty is naturally revealed.

  To do a slow and healing thing here, paddle in the water tea stage, pick a monkey and match it with a mouth of Mid Autumn Festival reunion cake. If tea is beautiful, water is good. When you achieve a bowl of boundless beauty, you can humble yourself to others.

Family dinner

Leisure meow, with beautiful flowers.

  The first glass of water in the morning, and the sunshine in the woods in the morning. The familiar song from the night sound and the snack in the glass room in the afternoon.

  Even if it's just a little bit, small and small, the thing that is willing to cure is always with you.

Huangshan Seeing Inside Hostel

Address: arch A01, Liyang old street, near Tunxi Old Street, opposite to Xieyu tea house


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