Shanshui Boutique Hotel

Shanshui Boutique Hotel

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Shanshui Boutique Hotel

  It is a spiritual habitat for the integration of Huizhou traditional culture and Chinese Zen.

  Huizhou's century old buildings stand in silence in the time. The old houses are renovated by traditional techniques between mountains and rivers. Combining with modern geometric buildings, time is solidified in the white walls, grey tiles and flowing light.

31 rooms, 31 designs. 31 rooms, 31 designs.

Logs, ceramic bricks, terrazzo, the original materials and the ancient Xin'an River reflect each other, shuttling through the old and new buildings for a hundred years.

The ground heating of water source system can solve the discomfort caused by the cold and damp of Huizhou buildings. Where the eyes can reach, they are as warm as spring.

Jinkor mattress, Duravit bathroom, seven plus toiletries and velvet bathrobe improve the living experience from basic comfort to comfortable quality.

Multiple activity spaces.

The hotel is designed with multiple activity spaces, such as tea tasting, chess playing, guqin, calligraphy and painting, or three or five friends, or one person's solo music.

The book bar provides a quiet and comfortable small space for those who love books. A good book is accompanied by a cup of 90 + boutique coffee between mountains and rivers. The slanting sun shines in from the floor window and spend a warm afternoon leisurely.

Children's park makes children's travel more interesting.

Huizhou cooks do it all by themselves.

The breakfast is arranged by Huizhou cook from raw materials to production.

Buy bamboo shoots and sweet potatoes in the hometown, cook tea eggs with Huangshan Maofeng and dried bamboo shoots, and make small dishes and snacks according to different seasons of the year.

The small wonton, dried bamboo shoots and shredded meat noodles are ready to be cooked, so that guests from all over the world can enjoy the authentic Huizhou breakfast.

Shanshui Boutique Hotel

Address: B05, Liyang in lane, near the underground parking lot, Tunxi District, Huangshan.


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