ShanShui Inn

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ShanShui Inn is a design boutique hotel in Huangshan.

  The hotel is located in the lakeside ancient village of Xin'an River national 4A scenic area, Tunxi District, Huangshan City. The hotel fully integrates with the surrounding environment of the ancient Huizhou architecture, ingeniously integrates the new design ideas into the traditional Huizhou architecture, and creates a kind, easy-going and personalized boutique resort Mini Hotel full of local culture. You can't bear to leave.

  The building area of the hotel is about 500 square meters, which is divided into three layers. The first floor is the communication and leisure hall, which has sufficient light and flowing outdoor scenery. The interior decoration designer of the hotel follows the retro Chinese style, while in the space design, the western life concept is infused. You can enjoy the exquisite tea art performance and the fragrant coffee, Sweet red wine and exquisite service full of humanistic care.

  There are only nine low-key and luxurious rooms with different styles, which are designed by nine international design masters.

「Ao Xuan」

  Designed by a well-known female designer in China, it has a new emblem style. The room faces Xin'anjiang and has a large independent balcony. Indoor furniture are made of camphor wood, elegant and comfortable style, five-star bathroom and bedding, let you have a different experience.

「You Xin」

  Designed by the professor of the Department of fine arts of Normal University, the room is close to Xin'an River, with independent view, large balcony, open bathroom and independent bathtub.

「Zhong Bai」

  Designed by a well-known nightclub designer in China, with a line of river view, mountain view, Riverside bathtub, ceiling and starry sky pictures, you can have endless reverie. A glass of red wine, half lying on a wide sofa with your partner, makes you spend your holiday time at will.

「Da Yi」

  The design of the room is based on the concept of "people-oriented, simple and natural", and the decoration is based on practicality, with simple shape, pleasant and relaxed indoor living environment. Wake up in the morning, open the electric curtains, a line of river scenery, mountain scenery picturesque in front of you.

「Da Yin」

  The designer skillfully integrates the innovative design concept into the Chinese elements, and combines the traditional characteristic space with the modern life attitude. Breaking through the traditional open type bathtub and riverside landscape is to bring sufficient light and excellent visual enjoyment.

「Er Ju Fang」

  The largest guest room of the hotel, through the unique view of space, the designer creates a multi-level space, a bold combination of ancient wood structure and modern fashion home, which makes people have a bright and luxurious experience of sitting in a large space.

「He Tong」

  Designed for children and friends with childlike innocence, fairy tale white, slide, cloth toys, let the whole family enjoy a happy time, the room with attic, up and down two floors each have a 1.5m bed, warm and comfortable.

「Sheng Yi」

  Small space, big wisdom, designers in 13 square meters of space to play a creative, make a small loft and successfully transplanted into a camphor tree, full of personality, full of functions.

「Han Du」

  Small space with large design

  In the long small space, the designer boldly uses different materials, enriches the sense of space hierarchy, and at the same time skillfully uses the light belt to strengthen the sense of space, exquisite details processing, more valuable experience.

  Why is it called micro hotel? As the name implies, it means micro hotel.

  With the quality and service of the hotel, as well as the warmth and convenience of the inn, ShanShui Inn goes beyond the frame of modern hotel and the thinking of traditional inn. All guest room facilities, whether from ambient temperature, heating and ventilation, hot and cold water systems, sanitary ware and bathroom, mattress and bedding, toiletries are in accordance with the international five-star standard configuration. It also provides warm butler services such as transfer machine, travel arrangement, ordering, laundry, buying on behalf, breakfast customization and so on.

ShanShui Inn

Address: Building 7, Hubian ancient village, Binjiang Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan


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